A Revolutionary Way to Teach Children

Teaches children, 5-10 years old, about real life. Fun, interesting, relatable and involving for the child. Reading, discussion, activities and visual aids facilitate healthy connections, literacy and learning.

Interactive! Ground breaking!

“What’s in Your Child’s Stuffing?”

A Ground-Breaking Real-Life Guide (and children’s toy) every Parent, Educator & Health Professional needs to:
Empower, Protect & Educate Young Children!!!

Precious Piñata™: Building Healthy, Informed Children

A Game-Changer in children’s education, Precious Piñata™ teaches important life skills about mental health, relationships, drugs and addiction, sexual abuse, diversity, safety and more.

The Precious Piñata™ Educational Package:
Precious Piñata™ Collector Character & Precious Piñata™ Book.

An interactive and ground-breaking tool for Parents, Educators, Health Care Professionals and Child Protection Advocates!