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Precious Pinata – A World-First Teaching Method Designed to Prevent Childhood Trauma & Empower Children!

Each Purchase Includes:

One Amazing Toy

7 Teaching Balls

One Life-Altering eBook

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Opening Doors To A Brighter Future

Using the seven teaching balls found inside our toy, and a guidebook for adults to read with a child, Precious Pinata™ provides awareness to children about abuse, mental and physical health, relationships, sharing feelings, bullying, racism, diversity, 911, drugs, goals, leadership and more. The hands-on Precious Pinata™ experience creates connection, opens communication, and provides children with the tools to be safe and empowered through daily life.

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Charlene Renaud

Charlene Renaud

Creator of Precious Pinata™

“Preventing trauma and growing thriving children, begins with connection, real-life knowledge, and transparency, to shield children from vulnerability. I created Precious Pinata™ to achieve this, in a way children enjoy and comprehend.”

Conference & Event Speaker

Charlene shares, The Story and Design of Precious Pinata™ / Success Stories / Adverse Childhood Experiences and the Link to Future Disease / Research & Statistics about Children’s Health / Growing Healthy, Safe, & Empowered Children / The Importance of Connection, Mentoring, and Healthy Relationships / The Precious Pinata© song.

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    Precious Pinata™ Children’s Presentation

    Book an interactive, fun, and educational experience with Precious Pinata™ mascot! Children learn about mental health, safety, bullying, leadership, racism, empowerment, and more. Children dance and sing to the Precious Pinata© song, celebrating their individual awesomeness.

    Email or call +1-519-436-3911 (Canada)