Precious Pinata® is SUCCESSFUL with the involvement of a MENTOR presenting

Precious Pinata® What’s in Your Child’s Stuffing? guidebook to a child.

1. Interaction

The child holds Precious’ and interacts by pulling each coloured ball out of Precious Pinata’s belly.

2. Education

Precious’ book makes it easy to present important and discuss important topics to kids.

3. Activities

Interactive activities ensure Precious’ Stuffing Sticks!

Thank you, Charlene, for making my second chance at life a success!!

Invest in a Child's Life!

Educators, Parents, Therapists and Community Groups are raving about Precious Pinata®

Each of these beautiful bright balls found inside of Precious Pinata® represents a valuable lesson in the book!

Precious Piñata is the only educational toy in the world, with STUFFING:
Seven soft, colourful balls (called stuffing”) found inside of Precious Pinata’s zippered belly, represent life experiences, expanded upon as topics in Precious Pinata® What’s in Your Child’s Stuffing? guidebook.

This hands-on aid teaches a child how life experiences (stored in the mind) are either healthy or unhealthy, affecting mental or physical health, quality of life, and relationships.

Arming children with valuable life skills and education, protects, empowers and affects their
life trajectory in profound ways.

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A Little Of Our Story

A Global Mission

Precious Pinata® was born following the release of Charlene’s best-selling book for adults – The Pinata Theory®

Realizing the connection between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s), i.e. psychological, physical or sexual abuse, violence, and household dysfunction, as major contributors to future disease, Charlene created Precious Pinata® — an original toy, designed to teach young children about daily health, safety and life skills.

What’s behind the tsunami of addiction, mental and physical illnesses? “Adverse childhood experiences have been linked to increased risk for alcohol and substance use disorders, suicide, mental health disorders, cardiac disease, other chronic illnesses and others through life.”

“Prevention, education and healthy mentoring are paramount in

saving our children from harm and a life time of struggle.”

Charlene’s global mission is to prevent childhood adversity through Precious Pinata® character and guidebook, and empower adults to evolve from harmful mental, physical and social paradigms with The Pinata Theory®

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What’s Inside of this Cuddly Pinata?

We are changing the way children learn life skills and connect to their emotions.

unhealthy stuffing

Piñata-Poop Stuffing

Piñata-Poop Stuffing
is unhealthy stuffing that makes a person feel sad, hurt, angry, guilty, uncertain, worried, insecure, scared or uncomfortable. Children learn the importance of seeking the guidance of an adult regarding their feelings. This chapter also covers street drugs, over-the-counter drugs and pharmaceutical drugs and the definition of Piñata-Uncomfortable (effects of drugs).

The Precious Piñata Challenge

Sunshine, Teamwork and Cheerful Piñatas

The Precious Piñata Challenge encourages children to reduce device time, replacing with healthier growth-related activities, helping, or learning new skills. The benefits of nature, sunshine, teamwork, and emotion-shifting are covered.

Pink Piñata Power

Support Piñatas Through a Cause!

Pink Shirt Day Anti-bullying movement, types of bullying, what to do if you are bullied.

Orange Shirt Day History of Residential schools, Racism & injustices towards First Nation, Inuit, and Metis people in Canada.

Join Precious’ Leadership Club through a pledge to be a leader and stand up against bullying.

Uncomfortable and Strange Behavior

Red Signs: Uncomfortable and Strange Behavior

Sexual abuse, protection of the vagina, penis and breasts and predatory tactics. The importance of removing oneself and advising an adult right immediately, when someone we know acts strange or odd, makes us feel uncomfortable or asks us to do something unfamiliar. This includes inappropriate requests or advances by family members, babysitters, friends, teachers, coaches or any adult.
Precious also explains the meaning and depth of love, of self and others.

Healthy Relationships

Go-Green & Go-For-Healthy Relationships

Go-For-Healthy Relationships defines healthy and unhealthy relationships and how these affect the mental and physical self. Other topics include (un)usual stress, (un)productive criticism and self-protection in an unhealthy relationship.

Go-Green encourages protecting the planet through the three R’s of recycling: reduce, reuse, recycle and Piñata Projects to help the environment.

Understanding Mental Health

Understanding Mental Health / Team 911: Police, Fire, Ambulance

Understanding Mental Health: Topics include the important health benefits of peace, stability, loyalty, truth, and confidence. Emotions and mental health are discussed, including how emotions guide us, the effect of unresolved pain, trauma or sadness, and speaking up about mental wellness.

Team 911: Police, Fire, Ambulance: includes examples of when to call 911 and what each emergency service provides. The difference between emergency (911) and non-emergency; teaching children how to use a phone, call for help and quick access to important phone numbers for family, and trusted neighbors.

Practicing Gratitude

Celebrate the Colors of Diversity!

Celebrate the Colors of Diversity: discusses diversity, defines race, ethnic groups and culture. Racism is defined and its damaging effect on people. The importance of practicing gratitude. The similarities and differences between boys and girls.

Changing Lives. Learning Skills.

Take Your Emotional Understanding To New Heights With Precious Pinata®