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Precious Pinata© Song Celebrate Your Awesome Stuff!

As the COVID-19 pandemic silently infiltrated the unsuspecting world, the lives of people underwent a profound transformation. Normalcy evaporated, replaced by seclusion, fear, and pervasive uncertainty. Illness and death touched many, livelihoods crumbled, and the once-familiar access to friends and family became a rarity or ceased to exist.

Amidst the pandemic’s turmoil, communities witnessed a remarkable coming together of people to provide mutual support. Unsung heroes in the community dedicated countless hours to weaving a safety net of provisions, sustenance, and healthcare.

In the midst of this upheaval, my aspirations to launch Precious Pinata™—an educational toy and book for children—were abruptly halted. Having left my policing career in 2019, just before the onset of COVID-19, my mission was to prevent childhood adversity through early education. None of us foresaw the arrival of this viral nightmare.

Feeling disillusioned and constrained, I turned to a higher power, asking God, “What should I do?” The response came, “Write a song.” Within twenty minutes, the Precious Pinata© Song was born, as if my hands were mere conduits for words channeled onto paper.

Living through this historic event taught me that life should be embraced to the fullest—singing, dancing, loving, and savoring every moment. Moreover, it reinforced my commitment to the humanitarian quest of educating adults on preventing harm to children.

The Song
The Precious Pinata© Song exudes an upbeat, fun, and engaging vibe, suitable for all ages. Play it at weddings, events, in your home, or by the beach. Feel the energy, absorb the words, and heed the message it carries—promoting love, unity, community, global consciousness, and the sharing of your extraordinary essence.

Beginning with the lines, “One world, one race, share the world’s open space. Love, love, love each other…” I firmly believe that humanity can achieve greatness in a state of consciousness and love. Listen to the Precious Pinata© Song

I urge you to sing and dance freely—whether alone, with friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers—to the Precious Pinata© Song. Participate in the “Share Your Awesome-Stuff Dance Challenge.” Celebrate life, yourself, and others. Experience the joy, burn some calories, laugh, smile, and express gratitude.

Always remember to “Shake your Pinata fluff, you are awesome stuff.” You truly are!

Charlene Renaud
Author & Creator of Precious Pinata™