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Mom, I need to talk

A child approached her mother and said, “Mom, I need to talk” while holding the brown ball out in her hand. The child’s mother invested in Precious Pinata™and shared the toy and book with her children. The child remembered the lesson about the brown ball inside of Precious Pinata™ called “Pinata Poop Stuffing” which led the child to share feelings and an experience with the mother. This example shows Precious Pinata™ does what it is meant to do!

The brown ball describes anything you need to get out, such as feeling upset, angry, afraid, or sad. Children learn the importance of sharing experiences and emotions with an adult ASAP, so they can help. The funny name of this ball makes children laugh, creating an association, so they remember to share. They learn that holding on to this stuffing can negatively affect them.

Learn more about the balls inside of Precious Pinata™ and what they represent: Precious Pinata™