Downloadable Guidebook for Precious Pinata: Precious Pinata®What’s in Your Child’s Stuffing – The Life Manual for Children!


Recommended by doctors, therapists, and parents because of the diversity of topics and teaching method used to instill valuable life lessons. Featured in One Tribe Magazine, Windsor Life Magazine, The Drive Magazine, AM800 radio, Top Doctor Magazine and more!
Some topics: Bullying, Mental Health, Leadership, Relationships, Abuse, Sunshine, Nature, Green Earth, Cultural Celebration, Love, 911, Drugs and much more!


A Mother shared the Precious Pinata® guidebook with her daughter. As a result, the child revealed something shocking to her mother.  The mother said, “If it weren’t for Precious Pinata®, I wouldn’t have ever known.”

Dr. Rafiq, a specialist in mental health, addiction, and a psychiatrist with a fellowship in Canada, the USA, and a certified psychiatrist from the United Kingdom and Ireland said, “Precious Pinata® is the most comprehensive teaching tool for children I have come across, covering diverse topics, real-life situations, including social, emotional, environmental or physical issues.”

This is the downloadable version of Precious Pinata What’s in Your Child’s Stuffing? Guidebook.

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