Precious Pinata™ Super Package



  • Precious Pinata™ Toy Character
  • “Precious Pinata™ What’s In Your Child’s Stuffing?” downloadable e-book
  • Precious Pinata Song®


The Best of Precious Pinata™

This special package brings you the best of Precious Pinata™ and includes the Precious Pinata™ toy character AND “Precious Pinata™ What’s in Your Child’s Stuffing?” downloadable e-book, AND a bonus download of the Precious Pinata Song®

Precious Pinata™ is a ground-breaking toy that teaches children about health, safety, and life skills, in a way children understand. Precious Pinata™ has seven colorful balls inside of his zippered belly, referred to as “stuffing.” Each different colored ball represents topics in the “Precious Pinata™ What’s in Your Child’s Stuffing?” guidebook (e-book). The interactive and engaging experience is led by a mentor or adult who reads the book to a child, facilitating learning, connection, and discussion about life. Topics: Mental Health, Bullying, Drugs, Team 911, Leadership, Racism, Sexual Abuse, Green Earth, Healthy Activities, Nature, Community Contribution, Gratitude, Faith, Sharing Emotions & Experiences, and More!

“Shake your Pinata fluff, You are Awesome stuff”

Everyone will love dancing and singing to the Precious Pinata Song® This upbeat and original song promotes engagement, fun, and laughter. The song was written to encourage people to embrace uniqueness, diversity, community, and earth.

Learn more about the Precious Pinata™ Share Your Awesome Stuff Dance Video Challenge here: Precious Pinata® Song Dance Challenge

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 17.5 × 10.2 × 4.2 in