Precious Piñata helps open important discussions with kids

A Chatham woman has taken a concept she developed to help her work through adversity to create a better life and applied it to a children’s book.

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“I must say….Precious Pinata® is a stunning idea.
This could be the next Cabbage Patch/Beanie Babies and with such a great message and very relevant at the moment.”

S. Walters, PDM

Montreal, Canada

"The book addresses the key challenges faced by children including childhood adversities. Well organized to engage children at their level. It is indeed a unique teaching tool for children."

Dr. B. Gopidasan

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist D.A.B.P.N, F.R.C.P.C.

“Hi Jackie and the From the Heart Team. I am an R.E.C.E. as well as a Photographer. I felt I needed to attend this event because children are our future and if there is any way I can help them to grow up stronger, wiser, happier and full of love and self confidence then I am there. I attended the Precious Piñata Seminar/Workshop and found it very well done. There was lots of important information that just connected with me and made so much sense. Charlene spoke about how this very important tool “Precious Piñata” was birthed and what and why something like this was needed to teach our children some very important values and how to help themselves in a fun interactive way. I came out from this event knowing that our children need all the help the can get and if each one of us does their part to sit down and interact and play with our children and give them the information in a fun way they can understand then we will be on the right track to giving the power and self confidence back to the children so they will be able to speak up and tell and share things without worry that they will not be heard. Thank you to everyone involved in putting this workshop on. I left feeling like “WOW” there is something that I can do to help the children I work with understand themselves and the world around them in a fun and unique way. I have to admit It is still with me as I sit and write this to you and I am anxious to begin this journey with the children.”

Nancy Lariviere

Registered Early Childhood Educator & Photographer , A Place to Grow Childcare Centre / at Nancy Lariviere Photographer

“The Precious Piñata is being used at the West Island Therapy Centre in Montreal on a regular basis. I am a clinical social worker and my clientele is typically children and teenagers with anxiety, depression, autism, etc. The Precious Piñata is a unique and innovative tool that assists my clients in identifying, and expressing their feelings. The Precious Piñata is a wonderful psychoeducational tool. Children with autism are especially fond of the Precious Piñata as they enjoy the hands-on experience, and often embrace the piñata until their session is over. Thank you for creating such an innovative book that engages children at various ages.” Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay


Jessica Gottlieb

MSW, PSW, T.S., West Island Therapy Centre Le Centre de Thérapie de l’Ouest de Montréal