Invest in a Child’s Life! 

Educators, Parents, Therapists and Community Groups are raving about Precious Pinata®

Each of these beautiful bright balls found inside of Precious Pinata®
represent a valuable lesson in the book!

    Precious Piñata is the only educational toy in the world, with STUFFING:

Seven soft, colorful balls (called “stuffing”) found inside of Precious Pinata’s zippered belly, correlate with life topics in Precious Pinata What’s in Your Child’s Stuffing? guidebook. Precious’ “stuffing” = life experiences. This hands-on aid, teaches a child, how life experiences are stored inside the mind and are either healthy or unhealthy. Arming children with this information, protects, empowers and affects their life trajectory in profound ways.

Example: Brown Ball = Piñata-Poop Stuffing

Piñata-Poop Stuffing describes unhealthy experiences that affect your Personal Piñata. Pinata-Poop-Stuffing is any experience that makes a person feel sad, angry, anxious, or afraid. Precious encourages children to share this stuffing with an adult right away. Why? Carrying this type of stuffing hurts you and in the long run, can become disease. Precious discusses healthy ways to deactivate it’s affects and grow forward.

2 Piece Set includes:

Precious Pinata® Collectable Character &  Precious Pinata® What’s in Your Child’s Stuffing? Book

Teaches Kids 5-12 Years Old about REAL-LIFE!


 Precious Pinata® Collectable Character works with the involvement of an adult presenting the book – Precious Pinata® What’s in Your Child’s Stuffing? to a child.

Includes activities and discussion, to ensure Precious’ Stuffing Sticks!

  •  Pink Shirt Day (Bullying);
  • Orange Shirt Day (First Nations Children: Residential Schools & Racism);
  •  Mental Health and Emotions;
  •  Relationships: Healthy and Unhealthy
  •  Drugs: Street and Pharmaceutical;
  •  Body Language / Confidence / Leadership;
  • Team 911: Police, Fire, Ambulance;
  • Sexual Abuse: Familiar People Acting Strange, What to Do;
  •  Celebrating Diversity & Culture
  •  Sunshine, Teamwork and Cheerful Pinatas;
  •  Green Earth, Nature, Recycling;
  • Love & Gratitude
  •  Leadership 

Precious Pinata® is listed as a resource on the Little Warriors website – a program in Alberta, Canada, specializing in helping abused children.