Who Should Buy Precious Piñata?

Educators, Parents, Health Care Professionals
“Anyone who Cares about a Child” – Charlene Renaud, Author & Creator

Each of these beautiful bright balls found inside of Precious Pinata™
represent a valuable lesson in the book!

Precious Piñata is the only educational toy in the world, with STUFFING:

Seven soft, colorful balls, each representing experiences and the outcomes of healthy and unhealthy stuffing on a child’s life—expanded upon in Precious’ Book!

Arming children with this information, protects, empowers and affects their life trajectory in profound ways.

Piñata-Poop Stuffing

Piñata-Poop Stuffing describes unhealthy experiences that affect your Personal Piñata. Carrying this type of stuffing hurts you. Precious discusses healthy ways to deactivate it’s affects and grow forward.

The Precious Piñata Educational Package includes
Precious Piñata Collector Character & Precious Piñata Book

Teaches Kids 5-10 Years Old about REAL-LIFE!


An Interactive Learning Book & Toy Character Presented by a Parent or Adult to a Child

  • The Sources, Fluidity, and Flaws of Human-Made-Stuffing;
  • God’s-Amazing-Stuffing: The Source of Pure Love, Truth and Possibility;
  • Importance of Connection to Spirit and the Inner Voice;
  • Dynamics of the “Sub-Mind”;
  • Body Language & Confidence;
  • Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships: Effects on Mind and Body;
  • Standing Up for Important Causes: Pink Shirt Day (Anti-Bullying), Orange Shirt Day (Every Child Matters);
  • Understanding Emotions, The Mind and Mental Health;
  • Sexual Abuse: Familiar People (Family, Neighbours, Babysitters, Teachers, Coaches, Friends or any person) acting Strange or Unfamiliar: Asking a Child to do anything Odd or Unfamiliar; Uncomfortable Feelings & Situations Described; Listening to the Inner Voice; Defining Private Parts; What to Do; Who to Tell;
    Precious Piñata™ is listed as a resource on the Little Warriors website – a program in Alberta, Canada, specializing in helping abused children. http://littlewarriors.ca/ 
  • Celebrating Diversity and Culture;
  • De-Stigmatizing Mental Health and Addiction;
  • Danger of Drugs: Street Drugs & Misused Pharmaceutical Drugs prescribed by a Doctor;
  • Types and Sources of Piñata-Poop-Stuffing: Anything that negatively affects Self and Others.
  • Sunshine, Teamwork and Cheerful Piñatas;
  • Green Earth, Nature, Recycling;
  • Love and Gratitude;
  • 911: Police, Fire & Ambulance.