Family, Educators, Health Care Professionals and Child Protection Advocates have a revolutionary, yet simple new tool, to teach children about real-life; in an interesting, connected and involved way.

The Birth of a Legend—Precious Piñata

The Game-Changer in Children’s Education, Mental Health, Protection and Life!

Children are Precious! After launching The Piñata Theory™ (*Amazon Canada Best Seller), inspiration came to Charlene Renaud to write a children’s book. As she looked at the adorable Piñata character who graced Sparkling Piñata Tips found in The Piñata Theory™, she knew he was the perfect tool to teach children. Charlene named him Precious Piñata™, because the name Precious best described the brilliance and incredible worth of children.

The Mind and Mental Health! Precious Piñata™ was designed and made into a plush toy with very special stuffing. The metaphor of The Piñata Theory™ (the impact and relevance of life experiences—healthy and unhealthy stuffing) translated into seven bright colorful balls inside of Precious. This became a palatable and meaningful way to show children, how the unseen mind stores everything we see, touch, hear, smell and experience.


Precious Piñata™ (Collectible Toy) & Precious Piñata™ What’s in Your Child’s Stuffing? (Book)


Precious is adorable!

Charlene envisioned Precious to be comforting, huggable, soft, adorable and transportable.

Life Skills in Today’s World! Young children need a relatable, impactful product, to help them develop practical life skills in today’s world, without accessing an electronic device. It is important to teach children about day-to-day interactions and real-world topics (sexual abuse, mental health, addiction), before they are introduced through unhealthy sources: predators, uncensored television, internet images, and/or unhealthy role models.

Invest in Your Child’s Future! Understanding the researched, proven and direct link between childhood trauma, abuse and disconnection to future disease—such as mental illness, addiction, and obesity, Charlene knew it was paramount to give children informative stuffing, at an early age.  Get in on the first release!

Bonding, Healthy Awareness, Literacy: Charlene also recognized the life-altering, and irreplaceable connection of strong bonding between a child and parent figure, to the (current and future) healthy development of a child’s emotions, self-awareness, mental health and stability. Reading Precious Piñata’s™ book to a child, builds their vocabulary, language and literacy skills, while improving concentration, curiosity and memory. Pre-Order Today!

Interactive! Throughout the book, children are given activities and examples to demonstrate the lessons. Their minds and world are expanded through discussion with their parent or adult helper. The presenter becomes a mentor, encouraged to participate in challenges to facilitate the child’s full understanding and positive growing experience.

Adults Benefit Too! The Precious Piñata™ book, has an unsuspecting deeper purpose. It is possible, the adult reading the book may be influenced to examine their own stuffing: seeking help and healing from unresolved past experiences, or adapting new healthy choices and behaviors. Setting a healthy example for children through actions and words is the best teacher.

Safety First! Precious is also safe, passing children’s product safety compliance testing in Canada, USA and Europe. Pre-Order Today to Reserve this Revolutionary Teaching Tool!